this sauce is weird.

This here is small batch craft hot sauce made with simple recipes of hand-selected local, sustainable, and intentionally sourced ingredients to ensure truly exceptional and nuanced hot sauce that does more than just hurt. Each batch will look, taste, smell, and even sound and feel, different, because every individual ingredient is different. Jalepeños don’t all look and taste exactly the same, so why the hell would every bottle of sauce made with them look and taste exactly the same? Our sauce is the single barrel scotch of hot sauce. Less boring, more weird. Check out the batch number on your bottle, and let us and others know about your singularly unique experience.

But here's what's REALLY weird:

Hot sauce is not our forever goal, but rather a way for us to commence the true Weird Meat Boyz journey: bringing our food philosophy and fire cooking to the world. Learn more about our dreamz here.

But do, please, purchase our sauce. Our dreamz are big and we could use the money.

We do what we do for food, fire, and revolution.

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Parts of a Whole: What's even in this sauce even??

by Weird Meat Boyz | 30 March, 2021

You see, for the WMBz, making hot sauce is a philosophical endeavor. What I mean is that a bottle of sauce is never just a bottle of sauce, but a singularly unique and peculiar convergence of particular materials and human labor (peppers grown and harvested from a particular farm, a particular bottle designed and produced by particular people, etc.). Our hope is that you might be able to experience our sauce as more than itself, as something singular and unique.

How’re y’all gettin’ along now?

by Weird Meat Boyz | 26 February, 2021

We’re the Weird Meat Boyz, Doug and Ian. To be clear, we’re not boyz who like weird meat. We’re meat boyz who are weird. We got our name when we started talkin about meat a weird amount. One thing led to another and now we spend a curious amount of our time cooking, thinking about cooking, and talking about cooking. Sometimes meat, other times not.

Food as Politics: Initial musings at the launch of a website

by Weird Meat Boyz | 26 February, 2021

The political question the Weird Meat Boyz hope to someday pose with their smoker is: what happens when the barbecue line becomes more than a barbecue line?