How’re y’all gettin’ along now?

Weird Meat Boyz | 26 February, 2021 | 1 Comment

            How’re y’all gettin’ along now?


How’re y’all gettin’ along now?

We’re the Weird Meat Boyz, Doug and Ian. To be clear, we’re not boyz who like weird meat. We’re meat boyz who are weird. We got our name when we started talkin about meat a weird amount. One thing led to another and now we spend a curious amount of our time cooking, thinking about cooking, and talking about cooking. Sometimes meat, other times not.
We like cooking with wood fires and we like keepin it real. Not that we’re necessarily against modern conveniences and fancy stuff, but we do reckon that the most meaningful and flavorful food doesn’t come from a package, a secret spice, or some new gadget. We think food is better when we not only insist on the peculiar possibilities of each ingredient but also honor their historical and cultural meanings. This means we do things a little old school. And a little new school. We think tradition isn’t static, but instead a vibrant opportunity to remake ourselves and ways of being.   

What doin?

Here’s what doin: makin flavorful hot sauce that neither relies on tricksy gimmicks nor fetishizes pain in order to numb the conditions of modern life. We’re making sauces that are singularly unique in flavor and content. Sauces that truly utilize ingredients, that explore their dynamic possibilities, and have flavors that are meaningful to our particular experiences. We think this will make them more meaningful to you.

Weird meat boyz hot sauce

Yeah but, like, HOW is this sauce different?

I’ll tell you how: this here is small batch craft hot sauce, which means we're using simple recipes of hand-selected local, sustainable, and intentionally sourced ingredients. This ensures truly exceptional and nuanced hot sauce that does more than just hurt. This also ensures that each batch will look, taste, smell, and even sound and feel, different. Because every individual ingredient is different, and we don’t want to hide that fact. Jalepeños don’t all look and taste exactly the same, so why the hell would every bottle of sauce made with them look and taste exactly the same? That is thoroughly unnatural. We are literally just two dudes hand selecting the best ingredients and making the best sauce, not some commercial food lab that aims to mix and match industrial farmed ingredients and chemicals to fool your senses into a homogeneous experience between bottles. Our sauce is the single barrel scotch of hot sauce.

Our sauce is less boring, more weird.

Each bottle will have a batch number for reference, and we hope that this will help generate conversation on our social media pages and website about the interesting subtle variations. Discussing the nuanced differences between batches will be a chance to reflect on the particularities of our ingredients, and ultimately our world.

Let’s meet the lineup.

- First is a sauce we crafted together. It is mild, but what it lacks in heat it makes up for in abundant complexity. We carefully combine the classic combo of  fire-roasted jalapeño and pineapple with the underused subtle and fragile umami of white miso. Sweet and smokey meets intriguingly savory. It’s a sauce that would be interesting on almost anything. With this one, experiencing is believing.


- The next sauce is for two-fisted eaters: those who want this sauce in one hand and their food in the other. It’s Doug’s brainchild: roasted habanero and cool bell pepper spiked with the unmistakably striking bitterness of Chicago’s most infamous liquer: Malört. This sauce is an homage to our late nights at local bars and our daring experiments with the limits of flavor and heat. This is a punch to the palate you’ll (most likely) enjoy.


- Last is the hottest of the bunch, a sauce designed by Ian to honor the vaqueros and the Chili Queens of San Antonio who provide the foundation for much of Texas cuisine.Chile de árbol supplies a fiery heat with a subtle sweetness, allowing the beautifully flavored pasilla to shine through the potent smokiness of coffee fire-roasted by the Weird Meat Boyz. Rich and fruity, unapologetically hot, and deeply satisfying. You’ll want to savor this one slowly.

But, like, WHY???

So, why would a couple of weird meat boyz wanna make a bunch of sauce?
This is our first careful step into the wild world of professional food, but our ambitions don’t start and end with sauce. Hot sauce is a way for us to commence our true journey: bringing our food philosophy and fire cooking to the world. There is a concrete longer-term goal: ultimately to have a permanent location and to use the decidedly political art of new school barbecue to make a community space for exploring humanity’s relationship with the world.

The Weird Meat Boyz think big.

We don’t want just your average BBQ joint, we want it all: a gathering place, a community garden, collaborations with local farms, food education, a free library, performing spaces for a variety of live events, and yes, a place to peddle our sauce. We believe that barbecue, an art that physically brings humans together for long periods of (cook)time, has the potential for all of this.

Hot sauce will give us all of that? Yeah, it’s maybe a bit much. It’s even a little weird. To think about a product (here, a bottle of sauce) as less of a product and more of a down payment on a new world.

But, hey, as us boyz like to say: don’t be afraid to be a little weird.

So please, be weird with us. Profits from our sauce venture will go towards getting our 330-gallon offset smoker named Loorah up and smoking so that we can start cooking at festivals and feeding our community. More specifically, the profits will help us buy metal so that Doug can continue to weld the trailer on which we’ll mount the smoker.
That's about all you need for an introduction. Please get in touch with any questions, glowing praise, or points of moral contention.
And don't be afraid to be a little weird.

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Is there a place I can go and purchase this in Champaign/Urbana area?

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