meat da boyz

Douglas Hodge

Born and raised between South Carolina and Florida, Doug now lives in Champaign, Illinois, where he works as a brewmaster at a local brewery. Through a combination of kismet and his fiancée's Balkan-music-studying colleagues, Doug met his partner in crime (Ian) and the legacy of The Weird Meat Boyz was born. Having been a part of the local punk scene growing up and touring the country with various bands, Doug's dedication to the do-it-yourself attitude is still in effect today. Be it meat smoking marathons, pasta rolling endeavors, or even smoker building experiments, Doug is on a mission to uncover and master the art of creating tasty dishes from scratch as often as possible (even if that means building the cooking vessel). Homemade food feeds the soul, and weird meat dishes are no exception!



Ian Nutting

Texas native Ian Nutting currently resides in Urbana, Illinois where he spends too much time experimenting with smoking meat, vegetables, and whatever else he can get his hands on while finishing a PhD in (ethno)musicology at the University of Illinois. These peculiar lifeways brought him into contact with a kindred soul named Doug Hodge. Too much smoked meat talk got them labeled "a couple of weird meat boys," and here we are. As a freelance philosopher of origins and experience, Ian quixotically seeks truth and utopic revolution through Malört and the dialectical materialism of soundways and foodways. He also sincerely hates bios, words ending in “-ways,” irony, and metatext.