Spicy Barbecue Sauce (16oz)

When it comes to the “flavor” conversation in barbecue, da boyz prefer to let S&P, wood fire, and the meat itself do the talking. But da boyz also recognize that sauce can play important roles, whether it’s thinned out to spritz during a long smoke, slathered on during the final stage of cooking, or simply poured over a piece of meat that may or may not be the best version of itself. 

Our simple ingredient list is powered not by the more commonly used ketchup or mustard but by chipotles in adobo, which ensures a sauce rich in both flavor and heat, while the strong acidity from the apple cider vinegar and complex sweetness from the blackstrap molasses are enhanced by a dash of coffee, making sure this sauce will please all involved — no matter how it is used. So pour the sauce heavy if you’d like, and always remember:

Don't be afraid to be a little weird.

Let me know when I can has this: